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  • Con nuevo look y nuevo nombre Verallia Argentina abre la 3ª edición de su concurso de diseño de envases de vidrio.

    El lunes 25 de Julio Verallia Argentina – basada en la exitosa experiencia de sus...

theme 2016 Bubbled your imagination!

Verallia Argentina based on the successful experience of its two previous editions of Glass & Creation Contest launches 3rd edition of Verallia Design Awards.

This time we are looking to fill your imagination bubbles designing packaging for sparkling wines market for both high-end segment to the popular premium. These projects must be aligned with the working philosophy of the company: Ecova Attitude. The winning projects, should be of commercial interest, they will be manufactured and marketed by Verallia Argentina.

Verallia Design Awards is open to all persons over 18 years of Argentina nationality. designs both individuals and professional groups are accepted.

  • Inscripciones 25 de julio - 14 de agosto
  • Presentación de proyectos 15 agosto - 4 de septiembre
  • Votación del Jurado 5 - 18 de septiembre
  • Entrega de premios 21 de septiembre

Each edition this contest gathers several hundred participants from the best national design and packaging schools. Each year, based on a specific theme, students are invited to propose bottle and jar projects, therefore paving the way for future food packaging uses.

By participating in the contest, students have the opportunity to visit a glassmaking production site, to discover the jar and bottle manufacturing process and to gain extensive knowledge on glass.

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Prizes Grants and awards

4 awards

  • sparkling high-end category

    First place: $ 30,000 AR $
    Second place: $ 20,000 AR $

  • foaming popular premium category

    First place: $ 30,000 AR $
    Second place: $ 20,000 AR $